We have a Winner!

The other day I asked all of you smart people to tell me which social media icon set you think best fit the new blog design.

After careful consideration the winner is #4; Hand Drawn Social Media Icons by Noop! There are many reasons why Noop won, but I think Emily summed it up best when she wrote “I’m going with No. 4 because I think they go best with your banner.” I couldn’t agree more Emily!

Thank you to everyone who shared their opinions through email or leaving a comment on the blog! Thank you to Jurgen for pointing out the incorrect link to his site; he did the work he deserves the credit! But hey, why the serious face? Lighten up a bit and show off those pearly whites.


Hand-Drawn Icons by NoopKeep an eye on the sidebar for the new icons to show up in the near future. I’ve got another idea for the sidebar rattling around in my brain, but I have to figure out how to do it yet. I’ll share more when I know what I’m doing – assuming that’ll happen someday…

Until I have the sidebar set you can find and follow MHCL here: www.facebook.com/MyHappyCrazyLife and https://twitter.com/HappyCrazyLife.

Thanks for being part of my life!
Amy Sue


  1. I came across your site while researching social icon ideas. I am a graphic artist and I have been offering custom social icons to my clients. You can check out my work here: http://dpk-graphicdesign.com/custom-social-icons

    Well, I thought since you were looking for an icon set to match your site, that you might be interested in having me customize icons to actually match. For instance, maybe I can do icons inside of Polaroid photographs like the photos in your header. And another idea is that maybe we can take the cartoony icons that you like and incorporate those into the actual Polaroids.

    I usually offer my icons for $10 each, but since I found YOU, I can do them for you for $5 each.

    Not sure if you are interested, but I thought I would try. I am also a blogger, so you are welcome to check that out. I work with lots of bloggers doing graphics.

    OK, thanks for your time. Have a wonderful night!


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