What’s up with Tuesday?

Why is it I can never get anything done on Tuesdays? What is it about Tuesdays that has me walking around in a fog and being distracted by the littlest thing?

On Mondays I can start a load of laundry, vacuum the main floor, clean off the cupboard, unload the dishwasher and help the kids get ready for school – all in the half hour between coming downstairs and leaving for school.

Today is Tuesday. Today I vacuumed the floor before I took the kids to school. Yeah, that’s all I got done. I don’t know what happened; one minute I was getting out the vacuum cleaner and the next thing I knew it was time to go. I was in such a fog I had to double-check that I was actually dressed and not running around in my pajamas. Wait… be right back…. Oh whew, I did do makeup today. Funny, I don’t remember doing it this morning. Talk about easily distracted – I’m blogging when I should be folding laundry.

What is it about Tuesdays? I think I need more coffee…

Amy Sue

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