Bitten by the Cleaning Bug

It all began when I decided to put our new wine glasses from World Market Explorer in the cupboard.

First I had to make room for the new glasses by packing away the glasses that were already in the cupboard. It was an eclectic collection of drink ware acquired piecemeal over the course of our marriage:

  • One lone champagne flute from a fraternity formal – the mate had broken long ago.
  • Three nice wine glasses from a set of four; purchased at the Dansk outlet before it closed.
  • Several discount store wine glasses left from a set we received as a Christmas gift.
  • An engraved beer stein and shot glass from two separate weddings Teacher was groomsman in.
  • Two pilsner glasses that came free in the mail with a homebrew magazine subscription.
  • Etc, etc, etc. You get the picture.


Drink CupboardWhile I was organizing the top shelf I was bitten by the cleaning bug and couldn’t resist the middle and bottom shelves too. I packed away, gave away, and threw away a bunch of stuff that we didn’t need any more.


Grandma's Dishes CupboardCleaning out that cupboard felt sooooo good that I couldn’t stop. Next was the cupboard with Grandma’s dishes and our medications.

Did you know that you’re not supposed to store medications in the bathroom because the heat and humidity can affect their potency? It’s true! That’s why ours are in the kitchen; they’re more convenient there too.


Bottom DrawerHitting my stride, I tackled the bottom drawer – a constant challenge to keep clean and organized.


Utensil DrawerDeep in the cleaning, organizing and purging groove, I dived into the utensil drawer. I got rid of a LOT of utensils that we never use – whee!


Spice CupboardFlying high on Lavender Mint dish soap by Seventh Generation bubbles and a sense of accomplishment I approached the spice cupboard… and crashed.


My motivation laughed at me; Ha-ha; are you kidding me? No way am I tackling THAT today!”


Uh-oh, I think the cleaning spree is over.

“Tomorrow doesn’t look good either…”


Oh bummer.

Maybe I’ll bribe one of the kids to do the spice cupboard.


How much do you think it’ll cost me?

Amy Sue


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  1. I know this’ll sound extra weird, but I’m sort of jealous. I’ve been bitten by the cleaning bug quite a bit in the past nine months (coincidentally the same nine months we’ve had a very snuggly, frequently nursing or otherwise needy baby Fynn).

    We have no plans for the weekend. I’m hoping to get the kitchen and living room put back together and maybe install a screen in our back slider *fingers crossed*. Of course, I type this late at night with a sick baby on my lap, so we’ll see.

    • Shan,

      That doesn’t sound weird to me at all! It wasn’t that long ago that Z-Man and Little Guy were babies and attached to me more often than not. Just remember that you’ve got the rest of your life to clean but he’ll only be little like this once. 🙂

      Good luck on your cleaning this weekend!
      ~Amy Sue

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