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Custom Fitteds - Vertical PhotoAren’t they pretty?!

These fitted diapers are part of a custom order for Alexa. I remember making custom diapers for her daughter several years ago, and was so excited when she asked me to make some for her son.


Custom Fitteds - Horizontal PhotoIt was so much fun helping her pick out fabrics we thought her son would like – can you tell he’s into animals?

I can’t wait to see photos of him in the diapers! Hint-hint Alexa!


Did you use cloth diapers? What were your favorites?
Amy Sue


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  1. I have not used them, but they are a secret love. When we were looking for a structured carrier for Fynn, I was evenable to show Tom how awesome they are these days. But when it came down to figuring out what to get and all of the acronyms and decisions about accessories (wet bags, dry pails, dawn, funk, blah blah blah)… it was just too overwhelming at a time when I was (am) already too overwhelmed to begin with.

    What you made is absolutely adorable!

    • Shan,

      I know what you mean. When I started researching all the different types of cloth diapers I walked around in a daze for about a week! It’s a lot to learn, especially if you do it all at once. It really does get easier once you learn the lingo though.

      Thanks for the compliment, and the comment!
      ~Amy Sue

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