Full House – the Real Deal

Full House TV CastWith all due respect to the creators and actors of the original TV series…

Are you kidding me?!

Three adults and three children do not a Full House make.

Try five adults and six children – now THAT’s a Full House!


Several months ago Princess and Peanut moved back while Cowboy is off learning how to be a Marine.

Three adults and five children aged 2-14 is a fairly full house. Three generations makes it even more interesting: poor Peanut has both a mom and grandma bossing her around, and poor Princess is stuck in the middle being both a mom and a daughter.

But wait, it gets better!


Last weekend Teacher and Grandpa went to southern Indiana to help move College Boy, Irish Girl and Love Bug to Wisconsin.

Guess where they’re staying until they find a place of their own?

You got it – with us!


Don’t get me wrong; I’m THRILLED to have them back in Wisconsin again. In fact, I’d be over-the-moon-happy if they’d end up living within walking distance – or next door, that would be good. Not that there are any apartment buildings that close, but a grandma can dream, right?

In the meantime I’m going to fully enjoy having all my children and their families under our roof, despite the inevitable bumps in the road and adventures.


Bring ’em on.

We’ve got a REAL Full House – and I wouldn’t have it any other way!


Amy Sue

Photo Credit: 1990s Timeline.


  1. dearest mother, i am 16. and i was 15 when you wrote this. i havent been 14 for 2 years

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