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Website Guru Logo I’ve been holding out on you but now it’s time to come clean – I’ve joined a fantastic new forum called Website Gurus aka my second home and newest obsession. Website Gurus has everything you need to know about owning a website like choosing a good domain name, website design and programming help, and marketing and SEO techniques. SEO = Search Engine Optimization – the stuff you do with your site so Google will rank you high. You can learn how to make money with AdSense, how to buy/sell domains, newsletter tips, get a website review or blogging help… and so much more I can’t remember it all. OK, I realize I sound like a commercial but I honestly LOVE this place, just take a peek at my post count if you need proof!

One of the cool things about Website Gurus is that the gurus welcome noobies. They’re happy to share their tips and tricks and are patient with our dumb questions – I should know, I’ve asked enough dumb ones! Most of them are protective of noobies too – once a member gave a noob a hard time and was virtually slapped up by a guru. Hee hee, take that! But be warned: they don’t sugar-coat anything and will tell you the truth flat-out. If something sucks they’ll say so – I learned that by experience – and they use Gasp! Four Letter Words. If you’re used to wonder-bread, no-cussing-allowed, let’s-play-nice-and-not-hurt-anyone’s-feelings mommy boards you may need to develop thicker skin and put on blinders when you’re at WG. It’s totally worth it though – Website Gurus rocks!

The other really cool thing about Website Gurus is the CONTESTS! The first contest was to see who could start a thread with the most unique replies. First prize was $5,000, second was $700, third was $300 which I ended up winning, woo hoo! and there were a bunch of $50 prizes too. Then they had a smaller contest where some of the post letters were switched – like Gs for Hs – to see who’d notice first. I don’t remember who won that one but it was funny while it was going on. And soon a new contest is starting with a total prize package of $20,000 which just blows my mind – that’s more than I made my whole first YEAR of teaching. Details aren’t out yet, but you can bet it’ll be lots of fun!

If you join Website Gurus you can say I sent you. Look for “amysuen” and drop me a PM aka Private Message – I’ll be waiting to welcome you!

Amy Sue

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