What’s in the Box?

Big BoxA box arrived at our house the other day. A very big box, and it’s for me!

Teacher said I was getting a belated Valentine’s Day present. Will you help me open it?

What do you think it could be?


Box with Open TopI’ll take off the styrofoam, you grab out that paper.


It's ShinyOooh, it’s shiny… it’s really heavy too. Don’t drop it!


Side ViewThere’s a knob on the side but I really can’t see through all that plastic. Here, turn it this way…


Front ViewOooh, it’s a new espresso maker! Teacher knows how much I love coffee. Take off the plastic, I want to see if it has that “new car” smell.


DrawerLook at the little drawer for accessories; isn’t it cute?


Via VenenziaI can’t wait to try it out! Vanilla Cappuccinos, Caramel Macchiatos, English Toffee Lattes, what to try first?

Hmmm… I uhhh… ummm… I think I hear my mom calling me.

Yeah, that’s definitely her. She’s calling me.

You don’t hear her? I do…

“Coming, Mom!”

I gotta go – bye!

Amy Sue


  1. Um… I was not offered this at drop off today?! I feel so cheated!

    • Hmmm… I wonder if I could claim it as a tax deduction if I offered child care parents coffee in the morning? Oooh! Then I could deduct the coffee, milk and syrup too!

      On the down side, my kitchen counter would have to be cleared off so there’s room to make coffee – that usually doesn’t happen until around 8:30, LOL.

      ~Amy Sue

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