Mutant Rubber Duck Cupcakes

Rubber Duck Cupcakes - Dee Made ThemMy brother Jay’s girlfriend, Dee, has become the official Dessert Maker for our family gatherings. She likes to make desserts, is good at it, and since she doesn’t have kids she can make the cute desserts the rest of us don’t have time to make.


We recently went to Jay’s house to celebrate his birthday and Dee brought “Jay Desserts” – apple pie, funfetti cake with vanilla frosting, and Rubber Duck Cupcakes.

Jay was obviously dropped on his head as an infant, or maybe he and my real brother were switched at birth, because “Jay Desserts” means NO CHOCOLATE. I don’t know how a brother of mine could NOT like chocolate!

Hmmm… now that I think about it, neither of my brothers likes chocolate. Maybe I was switched at birth!


Dee got the Rubber Duck Cupcake recipe from iVillage, and they were simply adorable – at first. For the head she attached a donut hole to the cupcake with a pretzel stick, and put a marshmallow opposite it for the tail. Then she frosted them, made chocolate chip eyes, and formed beaks from orange Flavor Rolls aka the grossest candy on the planet.


Rubber Duck Cupcakes - Starting to Melt Unfortunately Jay’s house was too warm for the poor little duckies because they quickly started to mutate – the one in the back is looking particularly unwell.


Rubber Duck Cupcakes - Beak Falling OffThis one looks like he’s puking.


Rubber Duck Cupcakes - Beak Totally OffAnd this one has lost his beak entirely.


Rubber Duck Cupcakes - Peanut Poking CupcakeI don’t know if it’s the prospect of eating a rubber duck-shaped cupcake, or eating a mutant duck that upsets Peanut, but she’s not too thrilled. She quacked at the duck, then poked it, saying “Ucky, ucky!”


Rubber Duck Cupcakes - Taking a BIG BiteLittle Guy has no qualms about eating it, and snarfed it down so quickly Dee was afraid he’d choke.


Rubber Duck Cupcakes - Squashed DuckPoor, sad, Peanut-rejected duck.


Rubber Duck Cupcakes - Mutated MoreI’ll bet I have nightmares about mutating ducks tonight.

Don’t look now, but there’s something creepy about the one on the right. Do you see how his eyes follow you, even when you move from side to side?

I didn’t eat any of your friends, I swear – I had funfetti cake!


He’s definitely coming after me tonight.
If I don’t post again you’ll know the duck got me.
Amy Sue

By the way, I’m in NO way criticizing Dee – she did an awesome job with the cupcakes! It was just so darned funny to watch them mutate from cute little duckies into misshapen zombie-ducks that I couldn’t help sharing. Don’t be upset, Dee, we love you despite the mutant-duck cupcakes!


  1. I can imagine those were really cute before they mutated. What a fun dessert. 🙂

    • Michelle,
      They were adorable! I can’t wait to see what she makes for Thanksgiving – it has to beat the accidentally-sugarless pumpkin pie we made a couple of years ago, LOL!

      Thanks for commenting!
      ~Amy Sue

  2. You love me DESPITE the cupcakes melting? Not BECAUSE OF? I have not laughed so hard at a blog… and I really should have listened when you asked me to send you the “before” picture. AND…. I should show you the picture I have of Peanut… she was upset when the beak fell off, and when her mom put it back on, she was so happy she squealed and clapped. Did you also see your brother’s child eat off the eyes and beak and play with it as Zombie Duck? That was pretty good too.

    And I explained that one of the ducks came with some physical challenges, specifically in the beak and side area… he had balance and coordination issues. Is it fair to pick on him for it? At least it saved him from being swallowed whole by a starving 4-year-old!

    • Diana,

      I’d love the photo of Peanut – it was just hilarious how she reacted to the duck. I didn’t see the Zombie Duck but it’s just like them to be into zombies, LOL! I was serious when I said I couldn’t wait to see what you make for Thanksgiving – got any ideas yet?

      ~Amy Sue

  3. Amy – thanks for the giggle. The photo of the “puking” duck had me lol. Those are great cupcakes though, even mutated they are far fancier than anything I could ever pull off!

    • Robin,

      Fancier than anything I would do too – especially since my favorite kitchen words are “fast” and “easy” LOL! I did once make a bunny cake covered in tinted coconut for Easter, but that was when I was 12 and didn’t have a life.

      ~Amy Sue

  4. Accidentally sugarless pumpkin pie sounds like something I’d make… LOL

    • So far I’ve only made it once… my grandma liked it and ate two pieces, LOL!

      The key is to not make two different pies with two different children at the same time.

  5. LMAO! I just found the original recipe and was wondering how *my* cupcakes would actually turn out. Decided to find something else and this was the next listing on Google. Now I’m sort of reconsidering doing them. The bar has been set comfortably low and I’m almost sure I can at least reach it (it helps that the party’s in April and we keep it cool in here anyway).

    No matter what happens, thanks for the laughs. Glad I found you!


    • Shan,

      Glad I could help out! There’s just a few things to keep in mind:

      1. Take photos while the cupcakes are looking good – right after they’re done is probably the best time.
      2. Keep them cool – the refrigerator works great for this.
      3. If all else fails, close your eyes while you’re eating them. They’ll taste great no matter how they look. 😉

      Good luck – I’d love to hear how yours work out!
      ~Amy Sue

  6. Oh please Oh please, tell me the only reason they mutated was due to heat levels mentioned. My daughter has me making these for Easter Sunday at the In-laws!!

    • I’m almost 100% sure it was from the heat – they were adorable in the refrigerator!

      How did yours turn out? I’d love to see a photo!

      Thanks for commenting,
      ~Amy Sue

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